A Smartwatch with GREAT Battery Life – Amazfit Bip Review

A Smartwatch with GREAT Battery Life – Amazfit Bip Review
24 Jul

hey welcome back to the channel today I'm super pumped to bring you my amazement review the Amazfit Bip is an affordable feature pack Fitness watch with incredible battery life so here we go alright so Before we jump into the review I wanted to thank Amazfit for sending this out to me for it to review and not only did they send this out but I worked with them to get three more to give away to you my audience because I love you guys so much I really appreciate the support I recently hit two thousand subs and I just wanted to thank you by doing a giveaway I'll have more details at the end of the video for that as well as all the information down in the description so some of my favorite smartwatches of all time were the pebble line of smartwatches the reason for this was the great battery life and feature set that they had but they were lacking some fitness tracking capabilities and then they came out with pebble health that I thought would be the answer to that but it was really kind of this disappointing it was really basic it didn't work all that well the reason why I'm telling you this is because when I put on the Amazfit Bip and started using it the only thing I could think of is it's everything that I wanted pebble health to be and so much more so at the time of this video the Amazfit Bip comes in four different colors there's onyx black which is the one we're reviewing in this video there's also cinnabar red white cloud and Kokoda green so the most prominent feature on the Amazfit Bip is that 128 inch always-on color display it's got Corning Gorilla Glass 3 so it has excellent scratch resistance and it's very readable in direct sunlight no problem at all inside it's got backlighting so there's no problem reading it inside in low-light either the watch band that comes on the bip is a rubberized band that feels very nice and the clasp is very tight it's not gonna come off I've never had it come off during any activity or during the day and the nice thing is that it's a standard 20 millimeter watch band so you can buy one off the shelf and put it on your VIP and use it just fine they sell some that are customized specifically for the bit but you can buy any of them that are 20 millimeter and use it no problem at all so I already mentioned the screen and the only other things on the watch are the single button and that's used for some menu navigation as well as turning on the device and then around on the back is the heart rate sensor and the connection port for the charging cradle now the watch snaps right into the charging cradle it's a very solid snap and there's no doubt that it's seated correctly when you get it in there so as thin and light as this watch is it's packed with all kinds of sensors it's got a barometer it's got a 3-axis accelerometer, gps and glonass, compass and that heart rate sensor that I mentioned

It's IP 68 certified and all this at just 11 ounces, so it feels like you're wearing almost nothing on your wrist even with all that functionality packed into it Now the watch has a really good combination of fitness tracking capabilities as well as SmartWatch capabilities you can sync your notifications with it so basically any app that supports notifications you can sync that over to your watch you get incoming calls and text messages now you can't reply to any of those messages on the watch itself you have to use the the phone to reply to those and you can't load music on it and there's no way to control your music from here but for the notifications and things like that it actually works really well so in addition to the SmartWatch capabilities it's also got some really nice fitness tracking capabilities now it does all this basic stuff you would expect tracks your steps and your calories all that stuff that like a Fitbit or something would do it's also got some more advanced activities built into it that you can track on the watch and those include running on a treadmill outdoor running outdoor walking and outdoor biking all those outdoor activities use the GPS or GLONASS and it's really solid it usually gets a connection within 30 seconds and then once it locks that connection it's completely solid I've never had an instance where the tracking was off or it lost the tracking completely it's been rock-solid and it's really nice to be able to get those detailed metrics that are available by using the GPS for your tracking and also go and see the path that you either ran walked or biked during your activity now as I mentioned when I was talking about the pebble one of the things that I really look for in any wearable device is long battery life and this does not disappoint now Amazfit says that in basic watch mode you'll get about 45 days and I I'd say that's pretty accurate and basic watch mode is basically just using it as a watch getting very few if any notifications and you know maybe see you seeing who's calling and that's about it not using the GPS and stuff like that if you're going to get you know your calls and text messages on there and maybe some really really light GPS usage you can get anywhere from three week three to four weeks of usage in reality the way I use it I'm getting about seven days which is phenomenal because what I'm doing with that seven days is I'm using the GPS for at least 30 minutes a day and I get my calls and text messages on there but I also get my Twitter and Instagram and Facebook basically all my social media feeds those notifications come in to my watch and I get those notifications pretty frequently it's amazing that I can still get like six to seven days on one charge even with all that activity and then if I cut down that activity it even extends that that battery life even longer which is phenomenal in my opinion so as you can see a lot of that information that you want in the activity history is available on the watch but if you sink to the meet fit app you can get a much deeper view of those activities and things like sleep tracking and all that the me fit app is a really nice app it gives you a day at a glance that shows you your sleep tracking your recent activities how many steps you've gone and then you can go into any of those activities you can go into the sleep or the you know your activity and see more detail about that specific area and then you can even go in as deep as seeing the track that you ran during the activity it'll overlay it on a map it's actually really really nice it's free and it's available for Android and iOS I'm not going to go into too more too much more detail on the app I'm gonna do a separate video on that because there's several amazed fit devices that use that same app so I'll link to it up here I'll put a card when that's done and you can go check that out so with the price the mix of SmartWatch and Fitness watch capabilities I would say this is a really really good option for anybody that wants a really lightweight no-nonsense watch that tracks your activities and you can get your notifications and your your calls you can reject calls and stuff like that from it anybody that's looking for a basic device like that I can definitely definitely recommend the Amazfit Bip, the battery life alone makes it worth looking into this device alright so let's talk about the giveaway so I have three unopened Amazfit Bips that I was given to give away to you guys my audience to show my appreciation for all the support you've given me for following me watching my videos and I'll have a link down in the description that will take you to a gleamio site that has you do real basic things like subscribe to me if you haven't subscribed yet watch a video follow me on Twitter some of those are gonna be required some are not and then some of them you can go back and do on a daily basis to increase your chances now I have to apologize because this contest is only for us reddit residents I can't ship internationally I'm doing all the shipping myself and it's just too costly to send internationally I really appreciate you guys I appreciate my international audience just as much as the US audience and I apologize for not being able to include you in this giveaway and I hope to be working with some companies to do some international giveaways for you I'm not gonna forget about you guys I really appreciate everybody stopping by and watching the video I hope you found this useful and informative if you did please leave a comment below hit that like button and if you haven't subscribed yet please consider doing so and then come see me on Twitter Instagram and Facebook I love meeting new people on those platforms as well and chatting with them I'll see you in the next video thanks

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