Apple Watch GPS Feature

Apple Watch GPS Feature
24 Jul

So How does it work?

The Apple Watch GPS is a massively useful feature. As long as you are hooked up to your iPhone, youApple Watch Setting your destinations
are able to get yourself out of any geographical trouble. As per the image to the right; you are able to set yourself up with directions to key locations. So either Home, Work, a Nearby Landmark or Service or just do a search (via Siri).
There are several ways in which you can translate to your watch where you would like to go… 1. You can enter the feature manually and select your favourite option. 2. You can hold down the bezel and then ask your watch via Siri for directions. 3. You can start a journey on your iPhone, the Apple Watch will then sync up and provide you information that your phone can not. Especially if you are on the move or unable to look at a device.
A really excellent feature when being given the directions is the haptics engine. In English, this means the vibration that is given. When you need to perform an action i.e. turning left or right, staying on a particular road or any road issues. You will feel a vibration or pulse on your wrist. This is your cue to perform the action! An ingenious way of following directions without having to look away (if you are driving or cycling).

Apple Watch Home address with iPhone



If you want to have preset locations like the Home or Work button. You will need to set it up on your iPhone through the settings. You can do this by going to Phone>Contacts>(Me) My Number. Then edit your contact Card . Assign your Home address and Work address to the contact. The final thing to do is make this contact a ‘favourite' on your phone. This will then provide the watch/phone connection all the information that they need to create your route Home or Work at the press of a button.

Apple Watch Home update GPS


Once set up your watch should look like this. Giving you vital information for your journey Home. This information includes: The destination, the route map, expected time it will take and traffic volume. As the Watch is syncing with your phone, this allows the updates to be extremely quick regarding traffic conditions and routes to take. You are able to change routes halfway through. The watch will ask you to confirm if you are sure. Of which you will be able to answer yes and then proceed with the new route.

On your journey you will get notifications like this:

Apple Watch GPS directions on watch
A prime example of when the watch is alerting you to an action that needs to be taken. It will provide a countdown to the “action”. It will alert you when you need to act on this through the haptics (vibration) as mentioned earlier. This is ideal if you are travelling on a bicycle or driving. Maybe even running as well.

It is not limited to these activities though. As per below you can get routes for public transport as well:

Apple Watch GPS mode of transport

What's the verdict on the Apple GPS Feature?

The Apple Watch GPS is one of the standout features of the Apple Watch. It provides a solution to any crisis of geography. Even those technophobes who claim that the best way forward is using an ordinance survey map will be singing praises for the Apple Watch GPS functionality and its ability to guide you just about anywhere you could ever need to go. Including walking, driving or public transport. Although it highly relies on its iPhone pairing partner… like the image below…Apple Watch GPS paired with iPhone

You'll find that it still packs an incredible punch in comparison to other smartwatch GPS functions. People say the Apple Watch is sometimes a lot of money for what it is, but we highly recommend it based on outstanding features such as this.

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