Asus ZenWatch Review

Asus ZenWatch Review
24 Jul

The Asus Zenwatch Smartwatch is arguably one of the best looking lower cost smartwatches out there, as well as being very functional. The watch comes with a premium Italian leather watchband and an adjustable design to provide a comfortable fit, and the standard 22mm size makes it easily changeable. It is truly a watch that can be tailored to match your mood, personality, and surroundings. The operating system powered by Android Wear gives you useful information at a glance and responds to your voice, feeding you relevant and specific information as you move. Compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.3 or higher, this is a more “affordable” smartwatch which (if you’ll pardon the pun) gives the bigger players a run for their money!

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Asus Zenwatch Smartwatch design

The Asus Zenwatch is in a league of its own at present, the Zen ‘looks like' and ‘feel's like' a wrist watch. Made from quality materials; the watch glass (crystal) being made from Corning Gorilla glass 3 to the SS body with a rather stunning centre body band in rose gold colour. The wristband is also quality and interchangeable with absolute ease.
The screen itself is great to look at, very crisp and saturated and sensitive to touch.  It’s gorgeous to look and as a plus, it is more ‘female-friendly' compared to other smartwatches that are chunky, blokey and geeky looking. Giving another market a chance to enjoy the smartwatch revolution.
The functionality and on-screen watch design exceed expectation. Right from the start you have 50 standard watch-faces to choose from and indefinitely much more to design for yourself. The display is, to my eye, excellent. Some might argue about the size of the bezel. Yes, it's relatively large for a smartwatch, but it serves its purpose.


The Asus Zenwatch Smartwatch is a universal key that lets users quickly unlock their phone or tablet simply by touching the watch face. It provides a balance between security and convenience by helping users protect their personal information, without always having to type a password or PIN into their device.
This feature is known as “Tap Tap”. The feature enables users to assign a favourite ZenWatch function that can be triggered simply by double-tapping the watch face. An extremely useful feature and you are almost giving it your own personal touch. Incoming phone calls are covered by the Zenwatch. There is a nifty trick you can use for unwanted calls. Users can easily mute an incoming call by placing their hand over the face of ZenWatch, helping them avoid situations where a ringtone would disturb others. Cover to Mute can also be used to silence alarms. Find My Phone helps users find their phone when it is misplaced by ringing it remotely. Alternatively, Asus ZenWatch Manager on the smartphone can be used to find a misplaced ZenWatch by making it vibrate and flash. Quite similar to the Apple Watch’s ‘find my phone’ feature.

Other ZenWatch Manager features include the ability to configure each Asus watch face on the phone, as well as other advanced features, including Asus ZenUI integration (on Asus smartphones). This delivers wearable-optimised versions of exclusive Asus ZenUI apps such as What's Next and Do It Later.
Asus ZenUI ‘What's Next’ is a schedule manager that displays the next important task or event such as appointments (including time and location changes, and cancellations), weather updates, and birthday and anniversary reminders for important contacts. Asus ZenUI Do It Later reminds users of items on their to-do list. New email, text message, and missed call notifications are also seamlessly integrated with Do It Later.
Two additional features that are really cool are the: Remote Camera and Presentation Control. Available by using ZenWatch with the Asus Remote Camera and Remote Link smartphone apps. All these apps are available for download in the Google Play Store. There will be a review of these apps on our ‘greatest app section’ soon!
Remote Camera displays the paired smartphone's camera viewfinder remotely on ZenWatch, while Presentation Control enables ZenWatch to be used as a remote control and time manager when giving a business presentation or lecture. Users can move between slides, keep track of their progress, and keep an eye on the elapsed time from the device.


Android wear is awesome, there’s so much it can do for you:
Firstly the notifications being chief among them.
You receive weather, texts, social media notifications, parcel updates, emails and reminders from my Google Keep app which is a big plus.

– You can answer or deny calls from your phone via your smartwatch. However you can't use your smartwatch for taking calls, you still have to speak through your phone for that.

– You can answer or deny calls from your phone via your smartwatch. However you can't use your smartwatch for taking calls, you still have to speak through your phone for that.

– Driving Directions.
Ask the Zenwatch for driving directions and Google Maps will appear on your watch will step by step driving instructions. Extremely helpful when you're unsure of where to go!

– Interactive ‘Cards' that pop up for certain apps.
For example, the Tune In Radio app. when used on your smartphone , a ‘card' pops up on the smartwatch and you can control channels and volume from your watch. in-genius!

– Stand-alone features
It has a few standalone apps like Alarm clock, watch, countdown timer,compass etc

– You can set the watch to have an ‘always on' screen.
This is handy when you want to glance at the time, but it's in a low powered state.


The Asus Zenwatch comes with a charging cradle, and you will find that you’ll have to charge your watch – as you do with your phone, every single night. However, it only takes around an hour to charge fully. Battery lasts over one and a half days even with ambient mode on. In the ambient mode, only the second-hand does not move. Dial, time, date, day, month, battery etc are still visible. So no need to worry about running out of juice.

Asus Zenwatch Smartwatch Charger


ZenWatch also acts as a personal wellness manager that tracks a variety of wellness statistics, such as heart rate, step counts, and relaxation levels. While users wear ZenWatch throughout the day, the Wellness app generates a combination of stats including steps taken, calories burned, activity duration, heart rate, exercise intensity, and relaxation level. The stats are presented as a timeline and weekly summary view that lets users know at a glance how active their lifestyle is. Users can set activity goals – such as a target number of steps to take in a day – and then monitor these goals on ZenWatch as well as in the Wellness app.
It has a great looking interface and is easy to use. User-friendly would be an understatement. The only potential issue is the inability to link up to an external heart rate monitor.
You wouldn't expect a watch with a stainless steel body and leather strap to be much use for fitness – it certainly doesn't look like your regular sports watch – but the ZenWatch has a stab at this lucrative market. ZenWatch Wellness can fairly be described as a smart tracker to effortlessly keep you fit and healthy.

Out of the Box

  • Asus ZenWatch
  • Charging Cradle
  • Charging Cable
  • User Documentation

Lowest Price

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What We Like

  • Excellent workmanship quality
  • Very elegant design
  • Standard (changeable)
  • Watch straps
  • Smooth functionality

What Needs Improvement

  • At time of writing, no way to connect external hear rate monitors

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