Best Cheap SmartWatch under 50 Dollars

Best Cheap SmartWatch under 50 Dollars
07 Aug

Hey, what's going on YouTube easy tech 231 here with quite the different video today I have here two very low-cost Chinese smartwatches Link in Description for more detail But your best recently reached out to me and said hey, why don't you review some of our smart watches and I said no? I'm good I'm gonna go ahead and go get the Moto 360 which I still might get by the way so stay tuned for that But I changed my mind and said you know what I'm gonna give these smartwatches a try I'm kind of interested to see them for myself I kind of want to see what you can get for well under $100 this one right here is $60 and this one right here is $50 so in this video I'm going to be paying attention to this one right here this other one will be in a separate video But I just wanted to kind of show you guys what you can expect for this price point for smartwatches So let's go ahead and take a look at this one here, so this is the number one SmartWatch Yeah, no It's not the number one SmartWatch

This is the number one branded Sun s2 SmartWatch, so that's the name of the SmartWatch Right there We have some specifications on the bottom Here is a circular design SmartWatch a 12 2 inch HD IPS display capacitive touchscreen 128 megabytes of RAM also 64 Meg ROM a heart rate monitor Electrocardiogram support thermometer pedometer, and those are your dimensions right there, so that's what we're looking at with this SmartWatch It does have a couple extra things that they did not mention down below But let's go ahead and see what you can get for just about $50 and I will have A link down below in the description where you can check this out as well as the other one as well So here's the watch and you might be saying well I don't thing is shiny the thing actually looks legit, and you'd be right about that So let's go ahead and see what else you get in the box Here's our Accessories and we have here a charging cradle we set the watch on to charge it This is Michael you micro USB dock right there We also have a big cable right here and over here We just get an instruction booklet, and that's pretty much it alright So let's go ahead and put all of this off to the side So your first impressions are probably like wow that thing looks pretty legit, and you'd be right It does look like a really nice SmartWatch for 50 dollars doesn't look that bad But when you put it in your hand you start to hold it you can start to feel the cheapness now does it? Does say that is made out of metal? Not sure if I'm gonna believe that but if it is made out of metal It's the cheapest metal that you can imagine so it's not that bad, but yeah You can definitely feel that it is cheap so taking a look around the SmartWatch We have the flat tire design here at the bottom We also have the contacts used to connect it to this dock right here And you can charge it with the cable plugged in right there it is a little bit loose of a connection so you might want to just sit it there like that not touch it because the Connection will drop and it will not charge It's also got a very small I believe two hundred and eighty milliamp hour battery So it will charge very very quickly we also have the heart rate monitor down there at the bottom in on this side We have a tiny tiny speaker and on this side We have the home slash sleep/wake button we also have a very small camera not too Sure, why they included a camera here, but it is here And we'll take a look at that in a second now before I boot up the SmartWatch I want you guys to listen carefully to the boot up tune I'm gonna go ahead and hold this button right here check this out You might recognize it Yeah, I can pretty much guarantee you all of us know what that is from so right away It's probably going to attempt to connect to my Moto X there

It goes It's connected, and this is our interface That's gonna Tell me one more time that is connected There it goes alright, so let me go ahead and show you guys what this watch is all about so this right here is our watch face and we can choose from three different watch faces you change that by pressing the middle of the screen right here and The watch selection, it's it's okay It's not the greatest I would probably go this one because it matches the look of the watch the best in my opinion But to get out of here you just swipe in pretty much any direction and you'll get to this screen right here So you have your clock and date you have a shortcut to get to your dialer and messaging I'll go ahead and show you guys the messaging here And what it can which you can expect when you're trying to type on this thing and now of course you're gonna get a really small keyboard That's come to be expected on a very small screen, but typing on it It's it's okay

It's not that bad But it's really hard to pinpoint when you have larger hands and larger fingers It's really hard to pinpoint Where exactly you want to type so I wouldn't really want to type long messages out on here if I'm just You know replying with lol then that we'll be just fine We also have a dialer here I did make a phone call with the microphone and the built-in speaker granted I look very silly doing so, but it does work But I will tell you right now that the speaker quality and the microphone quality are No good, so let me go ahead and swipe again in pretty much any direction and you'll get to your applications You're looking at a 2×2 grid here again We have the dialer the messenger application We also have the phone book once you sync it up with your phone You will get all of your contacts I'm not going to show them on camera right now

You also have your call logs I did get all of my Logged calls so that is nice every time the display goes to sleep you have to go through that every single time Swiping along we have the Bluetooth connection application And we have the remote notifier so basically what the remote notifier allows you to do is It allows you to get all of your Notifications on your phone here on your watch so when I had this enabled I was getting YouTube comments and hangouts Notifications text messages emails you name it I was getting it just as they were appearing on my smart phone So now we also have remote capture now my Smart Watch here is connected to my phone And I just booted up the remote capture so when I capture On a smart watch it'll take the picture using the camera on the phone which is an OK feature I mean I'm not really sure if I would ever use that but it is there so that is nice, and it works We also have here the anti lost feature so if your phone ever gets misplaced You can't find it, then you can use your Smart Watch to locate your phone now of course now You can only connect this to your phone through bluetooth, so if you've left your phone at Walmart for example You won't be able to find it so Good luck with that now over here We have our settings very watered-down settings nothing too special here You really can't really change much in here you can change time and date and stuff like that Well, that's pretty much it you also have a pedometer which is not very accurate I will tell you that right now It missed about 20 of my steps, so it was not too accurate there We also have a sleep monitor I don't sleep with my watches on and I'm not too sure how accurate this will be? You know especially because the pedometer wasn't very accurate We also have the sedentary reminder, so this is gonna remind us to you know get up from our desk You know stretch get the blood flowing a little bit, which is pretty cool You can set what intervals it will remind So that's a pretty cool feature It's nice that they included that we also have quick response

This is pretty much going to display a QR code here We scan it with our phones, and it will bring us to a website to download the media tech smart device application But you can pretty much just get that from the Google Play Store and since it is compatible with iOS devices as well And get it from the app store, so there's that? And swipe over get to our applications We also have an alarm clock It's an alarm clock It does what it's supposed to do it does work There's also a vibration motor in here very small vibration motor obviously, and it does work fairly Well We also have a calculator It's a calculator not much to be said about that

We also have profiles so this is for our notifications We have general which is on now, so I'm gonna get all of my notifications We can silence all of our notifications, and we can put a two meeting mode which will pretty much Just give you like emails and very important things like that We also have our file manager So this is gonna allow us to view all of our files that are here on the Smart Watch including pictures and videos music all That stuff and we also have an audio player over here the speaker on this side as I stated earlier It's not very good But I will bring it up to the microphone so you can hear What it sounds like so I'm gonna go ahead and boot this up here See if we can get some music alright, so the music player doesn't really want to work for me right now But trust me when I say that this speaker is fairly poor It's very poor actually and Yeah, you don't want to really be playing and playing music off of this watch Let me just tell you that right now We also have a camera we have the video recorder Let's go and take a look at the camera real quick as you can see I'm gonna go ahead and bring over This case over here I'm going to attempt to take a picture of this case for you so you can kind of get an idea of what it's like see if I can do this I Just took a picture of my UAG case which I will have a review on pretty soon But as you would expect the quality of the pictures is very very low you can actually send this directly to your phone through bluetooth Let's see if we can get this going real quick so here is the file coming in from the Smart Watch and go ahead and get it here on the phone and Viewing it like you would expect very low resolution You don't want to be taking pictures with the camera here on this Smart Watch We also have the video recorder and as you would expect The oh my goodness the frame rate is very very low so as you can see my hand waving right there again You don't want to be taking videos or pictures with this camera you also have an image viewer That's your gallery so you can get to all of your pictures you have your video player so you can play back all of your Videos we have a sound recorder Yeah, it's not very good I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys this testing testing one two three I'll pull this up to the microphone so you can hear what it sounds like so Yes very muffled pretty grainy doesn't sound too good at all We also have a heart rate monitor, and the heart rate monitor around this is also not very accurate sometimes I feel like they're just generating random numbers and giving them to you on the watch and honestly I was getting like 71 beats per minute 69 beats per minute And then all of a sudden in the same minute It would go up to like 92 beats per minute There's nothing wrong with my heart

I Was using the heart rate monitor on my note 5, and it was giving me very consistent results so this thing I'm not too sure about these sensors on the Smart Watch kind of feel like they're just giving you randomly generated numbers We also have the electrocardiogram right there We also have our Thermometer and from what I feel It's not too accurate sometimes It'll go all the way up to 41 degrees Celsius, and then I'll go back down to 36 degrees Celsius and sometimes I'll just go all the way up and then start all over again like it just did so Not too sure about these sensors here on the Smart Watch We also have a power saving mode which pretty much just dims the screen and that's all that does Slightly dims the screen We also have a stopwatch this one works very well iced a stopwatch does what it's supposed to do and That's pretty much it you can do laps and stuff like that so that does work and last But not least we have a UV sensor, so this was not mentioned on the box But if you tap on it it will measure the light levels so now if we tap on this press Start it's gonna go ahead and measure the levels and It is says normal so I'm gonna go ahead and bring this up to my softbox light directly under that high bright light and See what the results are after that alright? So I just brought this back down for my incredibly bright softbox light, and it still says normal So I'm not too sure about these sensors again So overall and that's pretty much it That's pretty much all you can do on this Smart Watch And that's really all that it was meant to do just basic things like that It's not running Android wear it's not running watch OS none of that proprietary system here with this watch and Yeah, it does well for the most part um I would personally look elsewhere for a budget Smart Watch It does get all of your notifications on here very quickly and you can read them very well You can make phone calls I mean, it's got a camera on it, and you can use it as a regular watch so overall not too bad But I would definitely stay tuned for my next video on the Z blaze crystal you might like that one a little bit better But for what it's supposed to do it does a fairly good job battery life is yeah, it's alright it'll get you through a day if you're using it and Another thing the band is too big to fit my wrist, so I'm not really going to put on It's just really big you can it you can take this out, and you can kind of take out these links But I I didn't bother to do that Overall these Sun s2 SmartWatch is meh

It's all It's okay again You have to remember this thing is fifty dollars You can get all of your notifications on your phone And now if that's all you want that I would probably maybe recommend it but overall I would probably wait for my review on these evil aids crystal so Definitely check that out if you enjoyed this video feel free to smash that like button again I'll have links in the description where you can check this out shout out to your best thank you for sending me this SmartWatch to review and Yeah, hopefully in the near future I will have reviews on the more expensive smartwatches, so Thank you guys for watching stay tuned for my next review, and I will see you all in the next video later guys You

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