Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites

Best Free and Legal Music Download Sites
06 Aug

The internet makes it easy to download just about any song you want for free But illegally downloading music just isn't an option, if you're the honest type

Thankfully, there are a host of excellent websites that allow you to legally download and to locally store your music, free of charge Here are a few of our favorites Free Music Archive is a veritable treasure trove of free content It indexes free music, posted by all of its partner curators And it allows users to post their own music directly to the archives

This creates a mind boggling library of tracks that you could literally spend months browsing through In addition, the site hosts a myriad of podcasts and renowned radio stations, such as KEXP, frequently post live cuts from their studio sessions, with big name acts passing through The smash tracks may lack some production, but they're free Noise Trade is part free music site, part promotion platform You can download any individual track or album an independent artist uploads to the site, if, in turn, you generously supply them with your email address and postal code

The premium promotion platform also encourages you to spread the word about artists you like, via Facebook and Twitter, while giving you the option to quickly tip the artist a suggested $4 donation It should come as no surprise that the Walmart of the internet has a massive bargain bin of free mp3 downloads Amazon has over 46,000 free tunes available And the nice thing about Amazon's list of freebies is that you can easily browse it by genre The only tricky part is navigating to the right section of the site

To get to all the free goodies go to Movies, Music, and Games, Digital Music, Deals, then Free With nearly 400,000 tracks from more than 40,000 artists, Jamendo is easily one of the biggest repositories of free music on the web The site's penchant for lesser known artists and experimental tracking make it more suited for someone with an open mind, than one who knows exactly what they want You won't find all of your favorite artists here But the site's streamlined user interface makes it great for browsing and finding talented new musicians

SoundCloud, essentially, serves as the YouTube of music uploading, meaning anyone can upload their tracks to the site, before specifying whether they're available for download, or strictly for streaming purposes Not every song is free But both big name and lesser name artists often offer free downloads, if you can manage to find their verified profile There's also a section of the site dedicated to tracks released under Creative Commons licenses, which means you're free to download, remix, or tweak them as much as you live Live music archive is a bootlegger's paradise, with an abundance of concert material

It mainly focuses on jam bands such as the Grateful Dead, String Cheese Incident, and Sound Tribe Sector Nine Still there's a host of other bands to choose from the Smashing Pumpkins, Jack Johnson, Animal Collective, etc Along with plenty of genres to browse ranging from jazz to reggae Navigation is a bit of a chore But you can stream or download the individual tracks as a flack or mp3

Happy downloading, everybody

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