Fitbit Charge Review – Wearable Fitness Wristband

Fitbit Charge Review – Wearable Fitness Wristband
09 Aug

hi this is Wally from bestwearabletechorg today we're going to be reviewing the Fitbit charge

This is the initial review now the fitbit charge is the first three new wrist bands that were announced in October 2014 by Fitbit The other 2 new wristbands – the chargeHR and the Surge will be released in early 2014 The fitness charge fits in their everyday fitness category When you use a Fitbit charge it accurately tracks stats including number of steps taken how many calories you've burned, the number of floors you've climbed, how far you've traveled you and your activity minutes The display that you see on your wrist band shows you your daily fitness stats as well as the time day The OLED display is brighter than ever (better than previous versions) Fitbit wrist bands show other things including phone call notifications right on your wrist If you've got your phone nearby it will ring in a little show you who is calling Another thing you can do is monitor how long you you sleep &how well you sleep The other really neat idea is this vibrating alarm Instead of an alarm waking everyone up You will get woken up while the person next to you continues to sleep All the data is tied to the Fitbit app which is great

It does all sorts of things and part of it is the Mobile Run which access is real time run starts like the distance and the pace you are running Other things you can do is food logging so you can like your food intake and track your calories right on the app and they have a library if 350,000 different foods now the dashboard that you can see you there on your computer or on your phone In the app you can set your goals, your progress and you can analyze your trends This works both again on your phone or the computer One of the things that actually helps and they found this beneficial is doing comparisons and tracking of friends & family You can share your accomplishments for people in you can compete with your friends and family in challenges They've found this to be helpful to push you further with your goals You earn badges, log your food and your weight

Your workouts now sync wirelessly from your Fitbit charge to the app and that as long as you're close to yourcomputer or your iPhone, an iPad or any Windows machine If it close by it also works with the Fitbit Aria wifi scale The charge comes in three different sizes It comes in small large and extra-large The extra-large can only be be found a Fitbitcom One thing when you're doing the wrist measurements be sure that you can fit a finger between the wristband and your wrist The fitbit charge comes with a couple different things it's got a dongle that allows you to plug it into your computer so you can do a wireless sync as well as a charging cable The charge is water resistant resistant to 1 atmosphere (ATM) The operating temperatures is -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and the max operating altitude as 30,000 feet The battery should be charged every few days to ensure you're always tracking the battery life last up to 7 days It's a lithium polymer battery and it takes 1 to 2 hours to charge The Bluetooth receiver is a 4

0 version You can always clean your wristband just with a little bit or water (it get a little sweaty) The wristband is has been changed from previous ones so it doesn't chafe or leave rashes It also hassurgical grade stainless steel clap (which was part of the issue with the previous wristbands and giving people rashes) I syncs with the Bluetooth 40 wireless technology you can do it with your iPhone all sorts of other smartphones – both Androids and Windows as well as computers and tablets and you have to be within 20 feet it tracks 7days of detailed motion data (minute by minute) and it also tracks the daily totals for the past 30 days Do me a favor (if you could) If you like this video please give me a thumbs up and share this video If you like to see more videos like this, please subscribe to our channel We will be doing all sorts of wearable technology reviews This way (if you subscribe) you'll be the first one to know If you wanna check out the Fitbit charge please go to BestWearableTechorg/Fitbit_Charge Thank you

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