Fitbit Versa Review – Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?

Fitbit Versa Review – Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker?
24 Jul

Hello and welcome to my review of the Fitbit versus Mart watch I am going to try a new layout for this video So let me know what you think of it in the comments This is the Fitbit Versa the fitness SmartWatch that affordable and stylish It is loaded with all of the features We've come to expect in a Fitbit and a few extras style The Fitbit Versa is definitely a good-looking SmartWatch with a similar build as the Apple watch the 1×1 square Design can be a little bulky for those with small wrists but if you like the square watch face design Then the Versa has to be considered there are many color and band options to choose from including rubber bands found on most fitness trackers as well as clasp bands comparable to traditional metal watches Features as far as features go I would categorize the Versa as an incredibly smart fitness tracker or a dunce off a SmartWatch It is water resistant up to 50 meters and has an aluminum case that feels premium the Versa Advertises a battery life of up to 4 days and even though it often only makes it about three days of use This is still longer than most smartwatches

This watch isn't just an energizer bunny though It is also equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer both having a three axis design I might not need to say this but it has a heart rate sensor so you can release that breath You can view activity right on the watch, but you will need to be paired with your smartphone Versa will notice when you start working out and track the intensity and duration for you automatically there are apps that you can use right on your watch that aren't Fitness related such as news updates and games like 2048 and if you pony up for the premium version you'll get NFC for Fitbit pay lastly You can't talk about this Fitbit and leave out the coach app that will give you a fitness coach for 10 minutes to help you optimize your workout routines pricing if you are looking to pick up the Fitbit versus SmartWatch, it will cost you just $200 which is on the low end for smartwatches in the special edition is $30 more What's missing the Versa falls short all third-party? application options it does not have a GPS and must be tethered to a It is also lacking a microphone and speaker so you can not use it for phone calls like a super cool spy Conclusion in conclusion if you are looking for a fitness tracker first in a smartphone second than this is the watch for you But if you are looking for a second phone that you can strap on your wrist You may want to look somewhere else if you enjoyed this breakdown of the fitbit Versa Please do leave a like and comment what you want to see more information about Thanks for watching What if the watch did more than tell time what if it told you how to live your best life meet Fitbit versa You're all day health and fitness companions designed with your goals in mind The Fitbit today, you can easily track your progress and get a more complete view of your health and fitness see a snapshot of your heartrate trends exercise summaries and how many steps you're taking per hour right on your wrist and With personalized reminders you can get the extra nudge You need to stay on track For the first time Fitbit helps you understand your period so you can connect the dots between what's going on in your cycle And what's going on in your life? Each night versi uses your heartrate to measure the time you spent in light deep and REM sleep Get insights so you can improve your sleep and make the most out of your day It's a coach at Catania and a cheerleader Fitbit Versa shows you the way so you can make the most of every day

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