Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Review

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Review
24 Jul

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Hey everybody Welcome back to my channel My name is Noelle, and today we're going to talk about the Fitbit Versa The Fitbit Versa is Fitbit's lightest smartwatch yet, they introduced it here in the Philippines around end of last month and I was at the launch event so they offered to let me review a device And I chose the Special Edition device which had a lavender woven band and a rose gold case around the watch

The Regular Edition is black case with a black band, a silver case with a grey band, and a rose gold case with a peach band The other Special Edition watch is a charcoal woven band with a graphite case Now, the Regular Edition Fitbit Versa retails for P13,890 and the Special Edition retails for P15,590 But the thing is, with the Special Edition band you also get a black rubber or plastic band, which I found, during the course of my testing this Fitbit Versa, I found that this rubber wristband is, it's better suited to a more active lifestyle And so, I'm going to take you through everything that I saw in this watch, the things that I've noted, the things that I loved, and probably think that might need improvement as well

So, watch this! You might have noticed from my previous review of a Fitbit, the Fitbit Ionic, that I was coming at it from the point of view of a dedicated athlete, or somebody who's really, really serious and into sports But what Fitbit's done here is they're addressing a different segment of the market, and that's the lifestyle athlete It's somebody who isn't necessarily into tracking how fast their split was or how long they've run or something like that This is more for the person who likes to get their exercise in, but also has a life outside of sports, or exercise A person who likes exercising, who likes hitting the gym, but probably would also have a lot of use for a smartwatch

And that's exactly what this Fitbit Versa is, it's a smartwatch for somebody who also likes being active And you might find it has a lot of things in common with the Ionic, so I'm just going to put the review of the Ionic up here, in the little corner, you can click on that, or you can click on the description box below The Versa and the Ionic work off the same OS So what they told us at the launch was that the OS-es, the different Fitbit bands that are available work in priority to one another, so the Fitbit Ionic and Versa are the top tier, and then you go down for the Charge 2 and then down a little bit more is the Alta HR, and so on And so, if you have several different Fitbit devices syncing to one account it will share the step counts presuming you're using one device at a time then the step counts are shared across all devices so you're not going to be duplicating any recording, or whatever But you can only use the Ionic or the Versa

You can't use both under one account Since they share the same OS they've undergone a few upgrades since my previous review This latest update included Quick Replies for Android smartphones so if your watch is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth your watch can get notifications about messages But you can also use the watch and quickly reply to any of these messages using stock templates Another upgrade in this OS is the Female Health Tracking

So a lot of women use notebooks, calendars, and what-not to track their menstrual cycle I personally use an app on my phone I actually have two or three years' worth of menstrual cycle data stored in that app So what Fitbit wants to do is start tracking your menstrual cycle and hopefully be able to draw correlations and links to the other stuff that it tracks for you, like your exercise, your sleep, your dietary habits, etcetera Fitbit encourages you to record not just your menstrual cycle but also the symptoms when you're menstruating or even just things like mood, you can track throughout the month and you can see or hopefully they're going to try to see if all of this comes together and shows a kind of trend

So, it's really interesting This has just been implemented in the latest update, so it's kind of late for my review but I'm interested in seeing how it goes from here I know a lot of other women are also interested in tracking their menstrual health, their reproductive health this way Another thing that I really liked with the OS update is the On-device Dashboard for easy access to the health and fitness data Previously, all of this data, like number of calories burned, number of floors climbed, you could access it on the watch, but it all kind of came together only on the app, when you opened it on your phone

And so, if you see this watch, if you swipe up, then you see today and see all of the things that you've done for the day I have burned 897 calories, scrolling up and you'll see Workout so that was yesterday's workout You can see heart rate as well So that's Your Day, your workouts, at a glance And from there you can also swipe to see previous workouts, I think you can swipe for heart rate you can swipe across

You see other data that's relevant For calorie burn you can swipe across

See the other stuff, the steps, etcetera Now, having all of that information available on your watch as well as your phone makes it so much easier to understand what's going on in your day and to remind yourself to get more active if you need to Another thing that was updated on the OS was the usage of music on the watch Because in my previous review I was only able to explore uploading music files directly onto the watch In the Ionic

So after I reviewed the Ionic, they updated the OS to include access to streaming services like Deezer Actually Deezer is the partner for Fitbit I think I mentioned in that review that I was disappointed that they also didn't have a partnership with Spotify because I know a lot of people in the Philippines are more Spotify-oriented so we've built up playlists and it's hard to port those playlists over from Spotify to Deezer In addition, to be able to download streaming songs from Deezer, to be played offline, you need to have a paid subscription But Fitbit eases that transition a little bit by including a two- or three-month subscription — free of charge — with Deezer

So what I did for this review, I set up a Deezer account, and I started syncing songs from Deezer's own mixes They had a Gym Mix, a Run Mix, and what I really liked when I was syncing those playlists is that the watch wasn't connected to the phone and using the phone's connection to download things Instead, I was able to connect this watch directly to the internet and sync the files directly from Deezer into the watch No phone intermediary required So that was pretty cool, and it made the whole download process a lot quicker, and I was able to play the playlists on this watch almost immediately

I downloaded a Gym Mix and a Running Mix onto this watch the night before I ran the NatGeo Earth Day Run It doesn't have its own speaker, this has to be waterproof so it's not going to have its own speaker, but you can connect pretty much any Bluetooth speaker or earphone to this So I used my Under Armour JBL wireless earphones with it and it worked a charm, and I've done that ever since Another thing that I was able to use on this round of tests is the Fitbit Coach The Versa comes with a little application that preloads three workouts if you see here on this screen

We're going to tap on the star, that's the Fitbit Coach, and you're going to see here there are workouts that are preloaded, and these are all guided workouts so you're able to see the kind of movements, you'll see how many reps or how many seconds you're required to do this movement If your earphones are connected, then it gives you a little beep as you go through the exercises If not, the watch itself has a vibrate mode to tell you to move on to the next one I've done a few of these workouts and I think you can update which workouts you want to save on the watch itself You can even create your own personalized workout in the latest update to the OS

You can also swim with the Fitbit Versa, which it shares in common with the Ionic, and it has Smart Track swim tracking, with water resistance up to 50 meters The main difference between the Versa and the Ionic is that the Ionic had an internal GPS tracker while the Versa needs to connect to your phone to use the phone's GPS This is what Fitbit calls connected GPS, and it's used this technology in previous devices like the Charge 2, in my experience It's got a four-day battery life, which is just a hair under the Ionic's five-day battery life Just looking at the Versa, this is like I said, it's Fitbit's lightest smartwatch

It's really light and it's got a very small footprint If you'll notice, it's quite thin, and then on the wrist on a female wrist it's just right The size is just right, it's not too bulky, which I found the Ionic to be, slightly But I forgave it in the Ionic because I was coming at it from the point of view of having previous sports GPS watches which were really bulky on the wrist And the Ionic was a sleek, a sleeker version of those things

But the Versa really looks — it's like a stylish wristwatch Some of you might know that Fitbit bought the company called Pebble a few years back And Pebble was a very stylish fitness tracker for its time And a lot of people who used Pebble back then have commented that the Fitbit Versa has taken that form factor of the Pebble and given it Fitbit's ecosystem of apps and software I think it could be marketed primarily more towards women, but I think men could also appreciate this kind of sleek form factor

So, all-in-all, it's a pretty solid lifestyle fitness watch I love how it tracks all of my workouts, my steps, my calories burnt I love how I'm able to customize the watch face, so if you saw my — oh — Rainbow! So you saw that watch face I love it so much I'm able to personalize it so that — it's me, or that's how I'm feeling this week

I love how with the Special Edition I get two bands, but as I mentioned, this rubber wristband is better suited to your sweating than the canvas woven one You can use it, like, I did use it for two out of the three weeks I've been testing this watch, and it dealt with my sweat pretty OK except for the last week where it started getting funky, and so I had to wash it So that's just something you need to watch out for I love its charging cradle, because it's no longer just some magnet that sticks to the back of your watch that could disconnect when you knock it around, It's got a little pincer-type action, so it will hold your watch steady It doesn't come with a "butt" but you can use it in your USB charger so you can use it with any kind of USB charger end that you have lying around

I think maybe the biggest issue that I had with this watch was the Connected GPS because, as everyone knows, Connected GPS is not as accurate as dedicated GPS for your watch And so the two times I ran with it outdoors, the watch was able to record the distance, but when you look at the GPS data and the map it doesn't have the entire shape of the route, or it kind of ends in a weird place so it doesn't show parts of the run It was the biggest bummer because when I run in places that I've never been, I like keeping those run maps as a sort of souvenir that I actually did run there Anyway, I took photos, so that doesn't really matter and I know that not a lot of people are like me, some people they're just happy that the distance has been recorded, and the Versa is pretty good at recording the distance I think it just estimates based on the number of steps you've taken and the average stride length you have, or if you've been able to input your precise stride length for walking and running, then it's able to estimate how far you've gone

Like I said, if you're a lifestyle athlete, somebody who likes exercising and likes being able to track their workouts but you're not as obsessive about your data as some of us "feeling professional athlete" types are, then the Versa is just the right watch for you I actually really loved the form of the Versa, and the reason I wasn't able to come out with this review quite soon enough is because I was just enjoying my time with this watch If you've had any experience with the Fitbit Versa, or if you have any questions, please feel free to drop your comments down below, or you can contact me on social media @kikayrunner across almost everything: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat even And I will be really willing to help you find the information you want to know Again, the Fitbit Versa retails for P13,890 for the Standard Edition and P15,590 for the Special Edition which comes with two straps

Fitbit Versa, you can buy it off Fitbitcom and at major online retailers, this includes Lazada You can also find it at Digital Walker, Globe, Liberty, and RUNNR So that's it for this Fitbit Versa review If this video was informative, if you enjoyed it, please give me a thumbs up

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