Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Unboxing & Review Indonesia

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Unboxing & Review Indonesia
24 Jul

Fitbit brand name can be quite familiar in the world wearable devices, especially fitness tracker Yes, recently they bring one of the new smartwatch products to the homeland, with a box design and the price is fairly

not cheap So, what are the features offered by this Fitbit smartwatch? I'm Arya from GadgetGaul, and here's a review of Fitbit Versa Okay, before starting the review, create a new Gadgeteers play on this channel, can click the Subscribe button, and click the bell button, well

let always be a notification, if there is a recent video from us Before the review, I want to see his box is big enough, however, it is not comparable to its content that only smartwatch units exist, books, chargers, and backup strap bonuses But, the presentation in its box is quite interesting, anyway Fitbit Versa is not the first smartwatch I've ever tried In the past, ever nyobain Pebble and Amazip Beep which in fact has a cheaper price tag

Then why did I finally choose Fitbit Versa now? The first is the design Yes, from the outside, this smartwatch does not look expensive The design of the box reminds me of the smartwatch brand next door, however, with smaller dimensions as well as thin But, after nyobain, new ngeh if this Fitbit Versa body made of solid metal and also lightweight With a weight of only 38 grams, this smartwatch feels comfortable when worn on the wrist, sometimes I do not even feel if you're wearing a watch because it's so light

In addition to the touchscreen display as the main navigation, Fitbit Versa is still equipped with 3 physical buttons The one leftmost, to turn smartwatch on, and two buttons on the right side, for shortcuts to exercise mode and alarms Like smartwatch in general, in the back of this body there is a heartbeat sensor and magnetic pins for power recharge ports Here is also written Fitbit Pay which means Fitbit Versa this model already supports NFC and digital payments Umm

is it true that can be used here? Watch the video till it's gone, to find the answer Fitbit Versa has also labeled 5 ATM Water Ressistance, which means smartwatch is safe to use while drying, rain-rain, until the swim was brought with a maximum depth of 50 meters By the way, I also like the ingredients of rubber strap luggage that is comfortable on the skin although used in a long time The strap hook also has a lock, so the strap is not easily removed if pulled

Oh yes, if bored, Fitbit Versa strap can be replaced with another strap for the same size, at 22 mm The second is the screen This is an important aspect of choosing every smartwatch, and the Fitbit Versa screen has a brightness level of up to 1000 nits With this high brightness level, I can still see all the information that appears on the smartwatch screen, under the hot sun though Because it is equipped with light sensor, this screen will automatically adjust the brightness level, if again in a dark place, of course the brightness is not as much when under the sun

Fitbit Versa itself has a full color touchscreen LCD screen with a size of 134 " Because of its function as an escort of outdoor activities, smartwatch screen is already protected Gorilla Glass 3 Durability is also quite good, several times fall and hit the table, this screen is still fine Sure, this screen is not always on like Amazfit Beep

If you want contrived always on, even make the batteries run out quickly because this full color screen that needs less power to stay active With accelerometer sensor, this screen automatically turns on when we raise our hands and look at the screen Plus, can be set how long the screen is on Fitbit Versa screen 300×300 pixel resolution with 316 ppi pixel density Display icons on this screen also looks quite sharp like a smartphone screen

Its capacitive touch screen performance is very responsive, when used for navigation Oh yes, this smartwatch also runs with the operating system from Fitbit itself, which is Fitbit OS 20 By the way, this UI is more friendly than WearOS or any other smartwatch UI I've ever tried Like fitness tracker in general, Fitbit Versa can also measure the number of steps, distance and also calories

Your number of moves per hour can also be monitored by this smartwatch Ideally, 250 movements per hour, to show that we're active The heartbeat sensor also works quite responsively The results are directly out and monitored in real time When compared to the heartbeat sensor of the Beep Amazfit, the results are not much different

Oh yes, these health data, including monitoring your sleep quality, can be seen in more detail on smartphones that have been synchronized with Versa Yes, the third is a good sync on various platforms Fitbit Versa can be connected with multi-OS smartphones, ranging from Android, iOS, even Windows Phone Yes! Windows Phone also support Fitbit! Fitbit Versa needs a connection to the smartphone via Bluetooth to activate it for the first time Well, if you have sync, the notification is in the smartphone can be displayed on this smartwatch, such as WhatsApp notifications for example

Oh yes, you can also reply WhatsApp message directly through this Versa Fitbit, be it a text or emoji message, certainly with the help of the template set via the application Through the Fitbit app, you can also download and install dozens of cool watchface provided by Fitbit and third party developers Watchface is also diverse, ranging from analog, digital, until the watchface can display step, calorie, heart rate and weather statistics Well, make a hobby mutually watchface, actually a little inconvenient, because there is no option to replace watchface directly in smartwatch, only through the application To maximize the fitness function of the tracker, Fitbit Versa has an exercise mode with a choice of activities that are quite diverse, ranging from Run, Bike, Swim, Weight, Treadmill, Timer Interval, until Workout

Yes, with the help of accelerometer and gyroscope sensor it has Each of these exercise modes can provide mileage measurement results, calories burned, heart rate per minute and duration of activity In addition to sports supporters like that, Fitbit Versa is also equipped with Music features to play music files stored in 25GB storage To listen to it can use bluetooth earphones

Then, there is a Coach to guide fitness workouts; Relax for breathing exercises guide; Weather as weather information; and Wallet to make payments via NFC Well, from some of these features, not all work well And for Wallet, I'm curious, is it true this smartwatch can already be a digital payment tool in Indonesia The answer Not yet Yes, the banks in Indonesia have not supported Fitbit Pay, and proven, fit to enter the card number like this, even error In addition to the default application, you can also download other applications via its store, like this mini game Not bad for just filling your spare time while resting after sports

The fourth is Battery Life Compared to Apple Watch or WearOS-based smartwatch Google's average battery life just a day Fitbit Versa feels more relieved because it can nemenin you up to 3-4 days Itupun with active conditions receive notifications, auto-brightness and normal vibration mode With battery life during this time, you do not need to go back and forth nge-charge in order to stay ON every day

For recharge from 10% to full, it took about 2 hours Yes, with the price tag of 3 millions, this smartwatch is still far from perfect word Like application support that has not been as many as the ecosystem WatchOS its Apple or Google's WearOS Then, the functionality of the Wallet is not yet functional here, plus not equipped with GPS Built In, so make tracking when running or cycling, still have to bring a smartphone because it takes a GPS connection Okay, so in conclusion, Fitbit Versa is suitable for anyone huh? If you're looking for smartwatch that can make calls, support streaming Spotify and have GPS Built In, please skip this Versa from the list

Feel Fitbit Versa is more suitable for Gadgeteers who have a myriad of outdoor activities With battery life up to 4 days, obviously this smartwatch can monitor your activity in real time, from waking up to going to bed again With its fitness software, the Fitbit Versa heartbeat sensor can also monitor cardio fitness levels to measure how fit your body is And this feature is clearly rarely in the smartwatch class Cheap or expensive? All back again to taste, necessity and the definite

budjet you Okay, so many video reviews, Fitbit Versa To check full spec and smartwatch purchase link this, You can check the link in the description field below this video, yah Click Like if you like this video, and do not forget Subscribe channel GadgetGaul, let you not miss, if there is video unboxing, hands-on, or review the latest gadgets from us

I am Arya from GadgetGaul retreat, to meet in the next video

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