Getest: deze smartwatch moet kinderen meer buiten laten spelen

Getest: deze smartwatch moet kinderen meer buiten laten spelen
24 Jul

Thanks for watching another Bright video! My name is Miriam and I have the Wanderwatch here A kid's smartwatch that promises to make outdoor play fun again And it promises safety: in a way that outdoor play will be fun again by the games of the Wanderwatch and safe because it is a GPS tracker too

So, when your kids do not want to go outdoors anymore, this watch will be the solution If I agree with this? I'll tell you later First, what are the features of the Wanderwatch? Well, that is quite a lot It is a bit bulky There are games, a GPS tracker, so you can watch your kids all the time

there is a camera to take picturesalarm button for cases of emergencyan extensive chat functionality: voice messages you are so sweetbut not alwaysTyping on a very small keyboard

and you can even draw icons That's cool! Let's dig into all the features of this watch I will start with the games as they have to seduce children to go outdoors There is this balance ball game You have to keep the ball in the center of the screen

You can walk and you can make it more difficult and more challenging by making a circuit You need this magic beacon for another game One hides it and the other tries to find it with help of the watch You turn on this magic beacon once and it should last for 2 years This last game was very popular with my own kids

These are the games with sounds For instance a siren When you are riding on your bike, you can turn on the siren, pretending you are a real police car When sword fighting with sticks you can turn on the sword sounds And there are farts and burbs too

Of course, my children liked that a lot Especially when people they did know passed by Hello Does it also work in 'A lab'? Yes, it works here in 'A lab' This is a message I recorded yesterday

Hello Does it also work in 'A lab'? Yes It works pretty well here While playing outdoors, you can also take pictures with this smartwatch Here are some pictures of our adventures

Look, here is the camera You have to take pictures like this Smile! It is a 2 megapixel camera and it has 8 gigabytes of memory When at home, you can easily connect a USB cable and download your pictures It works with Windows and OSX

What else do we see on the main screen? Battery status, it is a watch too Settings, and via this button you can connect with your friends who also have a Wanderwatch As with almost each smart device, there is an app too Registration went really smooth with a QR code There are some steps you have to go through

Very easy and it took me just 10 minutes The features for parents are especially the schoolmode It provides you the possibility to switch off the Wanderwatch during school hours You can turn it back on during breaks Also the grandparents can download the app and connect to the Wanderwatch of their grandchild

And of course they can chat and see the position of the child too Is there a lot of competition for these kind of smartwatches? It depends where you look for as a parent Do you want to call with the watch? Do you just want a GPS tracker? Almost all have a chat functionality One has some more games The other is waterproof

The Wanderwatch is quite complete The only missing thing is that you cannot call But if you really miss this? The watch costs €149,99 Well, what do I think of the Wanderwatch? It is a cool watch It has many features When reading the sales promise on the website

I doubt if with this watch kids will play outdoors again There is a blogpost on the website of Wanderwatch in which they describe the screen addiction of this generation kids: games, tv, etc

When you get your kid outdoors with another screen, with new games Then something goes wrong if you need a watch, as a child, to go outdoors again I think it can be a very nice addition to outdoor play Especially if you like gadgets it is definitely worth it Super fun

But do not exaggerate I think it is going to be real fun when your friends wear Wanderwatches too Otherwise you are chatting with your mom all day Did you like this video? Please like it Put your questions in the comments, and subscribe to our Youtube channel For now, enjoy playing outdoors with or without Wanderwatch

I'll see you next time

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