HELO LX Wearable Technology In Healthcare

HELO LX Wearable Technology In Healthcare
08 Aug

Welcome to Wor(l)d a revolutionary company poised to change the lives of Millions across the globe Focused on becoming the next multi-billion Dollar Wearable technology Company on Wall Street

Founded by CEO and visionary, Mr Fabio Galdi Mr Galdi has been leading wearable technology arena since 1994 where he founded the fifth largest ISP in Europe

In 2002 he introduced one of the first touchscreen LCDs to the marketplace and in 2005 he developed one of the first successful VOIP platforms Now with a strategic alliance with leading tech Giant Toshiba, Mr Galdi has developed the most advanced wearable technology devices to hit the planet Wor(l)d has just released its second generation Helo the Helo Lx with the help of world renowned Apple iPhone designer Mr Antonio De Rosa

The Helo Lx is now more intelligent and more stylish than ever The Helo Lx is powered by Toshiba's newest and most powerful nano chip The Helo is capable of providing its wearer data that's truly life-altering By simply wearing the device, the proprietary technology of Helo Lx can monitor your most important vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, breath rate, sleep quality, fatigue level, step count, calories and can even provide you with an actual EKG Unlike any other wearable device the Helo Lx has a brain that evolves over time

By the fourth quarter of 2017 the Helo Lx will be able to monitor blood sugar level, alcohol levels in your blood and even repel disease-carrying mosquitoes The Helo Lx does more than just monitor your health, the Helo Lx can also monitor the health of your loved ones with our We Care and Guardian features you will have the ability to remotely monitor your loved ones vital signs mood and energy levels You'll know if they are getting a good night's sleep, or if they're tired and fatigued You'll even receive an alert if their measurements are out of normal range

These amazing features add another layer of peace of mind that no other wearable device on the planet can offer in the near future You will know if your loved ones blood sugar level is too high or too low, or if they have had a little too much to drink and are not safe to get behind the wheel But it doesn't stop there the Helo Lx can also alert you if your loved ones are in trouble With the push of a button the Helo Lx can send you an SOS alert via SMS and email providing you the exact GPS coordinates of your loved one Finally, the Helo LX adds another dimension to its amazing capabilities, the ability to balance your body's ions through the power of Germanium stones

These stones can help increase circulation help with muscle stiffness, reduce pain and even help with your stress Along with the Helo Lx world has also released the Bio Zen, a small chip that can make a huge difference The bio zen has been scientifically and medically proven to reduce harmful effects of electro-smog As you can see Wor(l)d has developed must-have products for anyone and everyone However, the Helo Lx cannot be purchased in stores

It can only be purchased directly from a Wor(l)d Distributor Priced at only $319 the Helo Lx is priced less and most wearable technology devices on the market place Yet, provides features no one else in the marketplace has The Helo Lx can also be purchased as a family pack providing you the ability to receive an additional Helo Lx for free Already seen on news channels across the globe the Helo Lx is taking the world by storm and you have the opportunity to capitalize on this phenomenon

Every Wor(l)d customer can automatically become a world distributor for free Wor(l)d has developed a simple and powerful word-of-mouth platform that allows each and every person the ability to take part in this multi-billion dollar industry Each time you share Wor(l)d's wearable technology with others and they become a customer you get paid As those customers share our products with their friends and family you continue to get paid This viral sharing process has provided a revenue model that is changing the lives of Millions across the globe

In less than five years the Wor(l)d has already ranked the top 100 Direct Selling Companies And impressively, 10% of the top 100 earners in the industry come from Wor(l)d and that number continues to climb each month Once you make the decision to become a world changer from our team of leaders across the globe will train and mentor you to success We have daily webinars to help you promote our products and build your team All you have to do is follow our simple turnkey system, and copy what others have done to achieve the same level of success! So what's your next step? Connect with your Wor(l)d distributor and attend one of our Wor(l)d presentations

It's your time to be a world changer

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