Hvad er et smartwatch? Elgiganten forklarer

Hvad er et smartwatch? Elgiganten forklarer
24 Jul

A smartwatch is a portable device to be worn on your wrist – like a traditional watch But smartwatches have like smartphones a touch screen and supports apps and often pulse measurement and the like

More and more consumers can see the value of wearing a mini computer on the wrist After all, man has gone out for centuries, so it gives – – Perfect meaning to pack the latest mobile technology into this – – practical form It's important to evaluate your needs, your tastes and your budget when choosing a smartwatch, – – but as a minimum, a smartwatch should be able to display – – Messages and notifications from your smartphone In addition, look for these features in a smartwatch: A smartwatch is only as good as the apps it supports They have a wide selection of music, weather and taxi apps – – and more that make your life easier Both Google Android and Apple's iOS allow users to reply to messages with the voice, – – without ever removing the phone from his pocket If you are a hard-core athlete, – A dedicated fitness bracelet can be a better solution than a smartwatch

But many smartwatches have a heart rate monitor – – and a pedometer to help you measure your training There are also many smartwatches that work independently with their own SIM cards This means that you can receive phone calls, browse the web, or use apps, even if you are not connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth Smartwatches are slow but surely becoming mainstream gadgets The popularity of mobile brands and sports brands helps the category grow – – and now many great fashion brands are also – – entered the market with their own great smartwatches

Along with Google, Apple and other exciting app developers – – Are we sure that the smartwatch market continues to grow? – and that smartwatches are almost as widespread as smartphones

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