Jasco is behind a new line of GE Z-Wave smart home products – Digital Trends

Jasco is behind a new line of GE Z-Wave smart home products – Digital Trends
11 Jun

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If you stop and think about the thing that you interact with most in your house, it probably isn’t a particular appliance or accessory. Instead, it’s something that you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about but use every single day, like your light switch. Those shouldn’t be left behind as you upgrade to a smart home. Luckily, GE has teamed up with consumer electronics company Jasco to create a new line of smart light switches designed for any home. The GE-branded Enbrighten Z-Wave smart controls are available from major retailers now.

The Enbrighten line has been around for a bit now, but the latest generation comes with a few major upgrades that make the switches an ideal addition to just about any situation.

First is the QuickFit design. Jasco and GE have shrunk down the depth of its new switches by 20%, making it easier to fit in tighter spaces and making it more accommodating for homes new and old. The design duo have also eliminated heat tabs on the sides of the switch, which is designed to make it easier to install. Even with the simplified design, the switches maintain their electrical ratings so you know they are safe.

In addition to the new design, Jasco and GE are also introducing SimpleWire technology to the Embrighten line. This adds new smart control features including line-load sensing terminals. This is designed to eliminate any of the guesswork that comes with testing line and load wires while installing your switches. Dual offset ground ports also save time during the installation process, making it easier to install the switch and reducing the amount of wire congestion you have to deal with when configuring multi-switch setups.

Finally, because security is of utmost importance with any connected product that you introduce into your home, the Enbrighten line also has improved security features to keep your home safe. The smart switches include S2 security and SmartStart technology that ensure the light switches have a secure network connection and use device-specific codes for automatic pairing.

“We’re excited to introduce this advanced line of smart controls to Jasco’s robust portfolio of GE-Branded Z-Wave switches and dimmers,” said Cameron Trice, CEO of Jasco. “With the addition of QuickFit and SimpleWire enhancements, our Z-Wave line is filled with the best and most user-friendly smart home options on the market today, making building a smart home easier than ever.”

The Enbrighten line of light switches by GE and Jasco come in five different in-wall configurations, with toggle and paddle style switches available. You can also change the faceplates to match the style of your home. They also support add-on smart switches that can provide the same controls as a master switch and controlling lights from remote locations.

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