M2 Fitness band Vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2 | Budget Fitness Tracker | Cheap Fitness Tracker

M2 Fitness band Vs Xiaomi Mi Band 2 | Budget Fitness Tracker | Cheap Fitness Tracker
06 Aug

Hey guys my name is vaibhav and today we are going to unbox and review the cheap M2 fitness band which aims to dethrone the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 as the budget smartband King Before we start, I request you to subscribe to my channel and click the bell Icon to get notified whenever I upload a new video

With that said, Let’s get started The M2 fitness band that I have here is sold on amazonin for a price of just 800 Rs, The link to which will be in the description box below The price is very good when you compare it to the Mi Band 2 which retails at 1800 Rs on Micom

Let us see what information do we get on the box It is written Intelligence Health bracelet, Track your day and Night Immediate action, Enjoy the quality of life, It immediately will be able to live a Healthier life Tall claims for a fitness band!! Also written on the box, M2 my device My life, marvelous tone quality, comfortable fit and ergonomic design Basically it is gibberish and probably some one did a bad job at translating chinese to English

On back of the box, it says that there is a touch screen and a heart rate sensor Also you can pair the M2 fitness band to bands of different colours which can be purchased separately Interestingly, there is no information about the manufacturer It can cause a problem if there is a problem with the band, and you want to claim warranty Let us open the box

In the box we get a manual which is in chinese and english Here we get a look at features of the M2 fitness band It can cycle the display between the date and time, the heart rate, battery percentage, the number of steps that you walked, the distance and calories burnt You get a USB type A charging cable which you can plug in any charger to charge the band, a adjustable band with 9 holes for different wrist sizes and the M2 fitness unit itself To the front, there is a display and to back there is a heart rate sensor

To the side there are charging pins The charging cable does not seem to adequately hold the band in place and band seems to pop out once you let go So that is a negative point So lets charge the band and connect the band to the phone I have charged this band

To connect the band to the phone, you have to download the Fundo application from the playstore I will leave a link to that application as well in description box below I have downloaded the application and also registered myself To connect the band you will have to go to the ME tab, select bluetooth connection, click on the searching button As you can see M2 band appears in the list of available devices

Select the band The bluetooth icon appears on the band and there is a notification that the band is successfully connected to the phone As soon as the phone is connected to the band, the Band date and time gets updated The application displays firmware version of the band, the battery percentage of the band and some other parameters of the band It also shows calories burnt, distance traveled, time spent while active and number of steps that I have walked The band also has a sleep tracking function and shows detailed stats about hours spent in deep sleep, light sleep and total duration of sleep in a night

The band can also measure heart rate and the heart measurement seems satisfactory The downside is we cannot initiate heart rate measurement from the application In the settings menu, you can choose the band to vibrate when you receive a phone call or a SMS There is also an option for do not disturb mode, where the band will not vibrate in that time period You just have to set the time

We can also choose to set a sedentary reminder, where if you sit for extended periods of time, the band will vibrate to tell you to get up and stretch your legs Now lets us test the IP rating of the band I will dip this band in a bowl of water to test if it can survive being submerged in water The band survives the test of water and is fully functional So there you have it guys

The M2 band has all the features of the more expensive Mi band 2 which is available for 1800 Rs The Pros for this band are that it is cheap and has all the features of the Mi band 2 The cons are that appears to be no warranty, nor any information about the manufacturer The long term reliability and battery life will have to be seen So that is it for today

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