Mr.Talks Huawei Nova 3, Huawei new Smartwatch, Honor 10 GT, Zenfone Z5, Samsung note 9 xiaomi mouse

Mr.Talks Huawei Nova 3, Huawei new Smartwatch, Honor 10 GT, Zenfone Z5, Samsung note 9 xiaomi mouse
24 Jul

Hey, what's up guys, my name is a Azeem and welcome back to another new exciting video And today we're going to start a new series of video where I will keep you in touch with the latest technology updates and latest technology news Ok, so let's dig into this video And the first update we have in technologies world is above the table always New flagship device that is evolving or 3 and it is going to be released in July 2018 Yes in director deity This device will be launched and this device is powered by cadence 710 system-on-chip processor backed by 4 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigabytes of storage with another variant of 65 out of them and 128 gigabyte of storage so that next update we have is about the same thing Samsung has been told that it will be in the galaxy note 9 in less than 2 months time with a launch event except for 9 verse in New York City it is totally a peasant less smart phone and This smart thing doesn't have a person at its bottom But it has a small one at the top and there will be no nose like iPhone X Yes, this Samsung Lord line is not killer smart it could be also the first sensing flagship to have an Instinct fingerprint sensor and this device will post just about eleven hundred forty-five dollars So the next update we have is about how are ways to use Smart Watch? However has recently Released its new SmartWatch that has an awesome feature that it can store your wireless earbuds easily into that SmartWatch and when you insert your wireless earbuds into the watch the watch will Automatically starts to charge your ear verse and this is really a great feature

Ok, so the next update is about this use Self-five, and it is powered by snapdragon 805 and this my phone has been launched in chile pipe of 2018 and it just goes less than one plus six and there may be a Competition with with oneplus and issues and it will also have a noise at the top So the next update is about Facebook unlock buck tear apart have been captured in Facebook and this bug has just did something seriously it has temporarily unlocked the blocked accounts therefore counted and estimated about 800,000 it's not short that all Facebook account blocked till now, but 800,000 or more but this bug has unblocked 800,000 blocked accounts next update is about however is Another new flashy device that is honor and duty a duty means GPU pilbow GPU to berkeley works like this when you're smart can use some extra performance for any heavy f or any High-performance game it will boost your GPU and give you higher performance And this Martin has been released in China and the last update is about show me show me has decently launched the use 720 light a new gaming mouse It is by an eSports company called blazing soul Which show me is co investor the device which comes with a maximum sensitivity of seven hundred thousand two hundred Dpi sensitivity and is priced at fifty two dollars and can be bought and Xiaomi z converse side The mouse has non-slip surface and also features the salmon button setup It also has RGB lightning and company claims that it supports up to 16 million colors and this is a best gaming mouse for gamers Ok, so that was about to this video I hope that you enjoyed the video Please hit that like button and don't forget to subscribe our Channel

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