Nokia Steel HR review: Best fitness tracker 2018?

Nokia Steel HR review: Best fitness tracker 2018?
24 Jul

– In these days of fitness wearables and smart watches, many people are looking for something that looks more like a traditional time piece while providing essential tracking features instead of a device that resembles a miniature smart phone In this episode, I give you a look at the Nokia Steel HR, a smart activity tracker that aims to do just that

What's going on tech squad? Andru Edwards here, Editor-in-Chief of GearLivecom If this is your first time here, this channel's all about tech gadgets and gaming so if you're into that kind of stuff feel free to hit the subscribe button down below along with the bell notification icon so you don't miss any future videos As I said, today we are taking a look at the Nokia Steel HR fitness tracker This is a product from Nokia Health which is a result of Nokia's acquisition of Withings

Withings was one of my favorite smart fitness tracking brands in the past and now Nokia owns them and this is one of the first products that's coming out from that collaboration And before we jump in, big shout out to Nokia for sending over the Steel HR and for sponsoring this video What Nokia's doing with the Steel HR is providing a smart watch that strips down a lot of the functionality that you find on others like the Apple Watch or Android Wear devices as well Rather than having a full touch screen display with a bunch of apps running and all sorts of other screens, that all gets stripped away and what you're left with is something that looks like a more traditional watch The Nokia Steel HR is the first activity tracker with heart rate monitoring to offer a long lasting battery life of 25 days

That's right, on a full charge you get 25 days of use with the Steel HR As I mentioned, this is all housed in a classic watch style Perfect for transitioning from the gym to the office and even to a night out as well Nokia Steel HR includes a screen that shows the information you want at a glance but with no compromise on style That screen can give you information like heart rate, number of steps walked, distance, calories burned, alarm times, and even alerts from your smart phone

All of these can be seen on a small display on the upper half of the watch face Since Nokia wants you to be able to swim with this, it's also water resistant up to 50 meters in depth and comes with a silicone strap right in the package And speaking of all that activity tracking, you can actually just keep it in activity tracking mode which actually adds an additional 20 days to the battery life giving you a whopping total of 45 days on a full battery if you only use it as a fitness tracker and nothing else The Nokia Steel HR also tracks your sleep That includes how long it takes you to fall asleep, your full sleep duration, your sleep cycles, and any interruptions to your sleep that occur during the night

The Steel HR also helps you wake up at the optimal point in your sleep cycle So basically you give it a window of time that you want to wake up and let's just say between 6 o'clock in the morning and 6:20 in the morning, and what it will do is monitor your sleep patterns and wake you up some time in that time frame where ever you're sleeping the lightest Now the reason for that is because when you're in light sleep and you wake up you don't feel anywhere near as groggy as if you were to be woken up in the middle of a deep sleep pattern So Nokia Steel HR looks out for you in that way, helping you wake up more refreshed as well Now let's move on and talk about the activity tracking features of the watch itself

I went over some of those earlier but let's dive in a little more to what it can do Now it's called the Steel HR The HR stands for heart rate and this one will monitor your heart rate all days, updating it every 30 minutes Now you can also put it in work out mode and there it will actually continuously monitor your heart rate until you're done with your workout During workouts you can see your heart rate at a glance right in that small digital window at the top of the watch face

After you're done, you can assess your overall performance with a personalized in app report that delivers insights on maximum heart rate and the time spent in each heart rate zone as well As I mentioned, the Nokia Steel HR also tracks your calories burned, your steps walked, and your total distance as well And the Steel HR even has some auto detection built in so it'll auto detect if you go for a run or a jog or if you decide to go swimming No need to put into jogging mode, running mode, or swimming mode, just do those activities and it'll know right off the bat that you're doing them and it'll track them appropriately Regardless of what you're doing and what it's tracking, everything syncs automatically over to the Nokia Health Mate app which you can download for free for iOS or Android

That's where you can look through the history of everything that's been tracked in order to monitor your progress over time If you want to pick up the Nokia Steel HR it is available in two sizes There is a 36 millimeter version which cost $179 and there is also 40 millimeter model which cost $199 However, there is no difference in the screen size The screen size on both the 36 millimeter and the 40 millimeter versions is the exact same watch face

The only difference is an extra two millimeters of outer casing around the watch face on the 40 millimeter version So if that doesn't sound like anything that appeals to you, you don't care, you don't want it to be as hefty, go ahead and get the 36 millimeter model and save yourself 20 bucks The Nokia Steel HR comes in both black and white and both come with a swim proof silicone watchband as well Nokia also sells extra silicone watchbands you can pick up for 25 dollars each And if you prefer a leather watchband, those are also available for $50

There you have it guys, that was your look at Nokia's Steel HR fitness tracker A fitness tracker that aims to get out of your way Gives you the traditional things you expect from a watch and also track your fitness in the background Let me know what you think of this one, I'm curious to hear Drop a comment down below and I will meet you there for further discussion

If you enjoy this one, please do drop a like on this video and don't forget to click or tap on my face here at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel if you haven't done so already so you don't miss any future videos Thanks so much for watching as always guys, I appreciate your support I'm Andru Edwards, I will catch you in the next video (upbeat music)

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