Pebble Time Review

Pebble Time Review
24 Jul

The Pebble Time is a great improvement on its predecessors! It helps cement the Pebble brand in the Smartwatch arena. At the beginning, the first edition wasn't perfect. This model is a testament to the evolution of the brand. With its simple design, unlimited useful functions, perfect interface and geek chic the Pebble Time is sure to be up there with the greats of the smartwatch world. Pebble’s mission is “”Smartwatches for everyone”. With their release of the Pebble Time you can how they are making their mission a reality. The watch helps you do more and do what you’re doing better. With an exquisite colour e-paper display, built-in microphone, and timeline interface letting you know everything happening; Past, present and future. Pebble Time (like most other smartwatches) has entered the fitness arena. Allowing you to track your steps, hops, bites, and sleeps no matter where you go. But it allows you to do it in a much more fluid way than in the past. You'll love wearing Pebble Time anywhere and everywhere. From the gym to the dinner table, from morning sun to the wee hours, Time keeps you connected while living in the moment. The difference between Pebble Time and the “standard” Pebble Watch are the following features: It has a microphone for composing replies to messages, A new operating software that does not limit you, but allows you to develop, timeline functionality and you can customise the smart bands!

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Pebble Time review ProfileAs said previously… we love the geek chic design of the Pebble Time. It’s always-on colour E-Paper display, water resistance up to 30 meters, durable glass lens, and thin, curved ergonomic design makes for a great smartwatch for all occasions! From the minute you take it out of the box you know you’ve made a great decision in purchasing. It really takes you back how good it looks and feels, and even better is its feel and build quality. It's got a solid, comfortable feel to it and the bezel really isn't as bad as some reviews make it out to be. There are reports of easily scratched bezels, however, ours is scratch free despite being worn 24/7 and that includes wearing it at work and out and about where it takes a battering most days.

It appeals to the nerd in you, and the animations similarly fit that persona. The e-ink screen is really good, everything is clear and easy to read. The compromise, of course, is that low tech graphics allow for longer battery life and peaking out 5 days at least is usually no problem with the Pebble Time.
For a geek chic watch, it is surprisingly rugged. There is no fear of cracking or smashing this watch compared to a normal more delicate feeling android wear/apple watch in normal usage (however scratches show on the metal bezel but can be removed easy enough with an accessory.
The button system is honestly simple and intuitive. Three on the right side for up, down and enter (the centre button) and one on the left to go back. It is super easy.


The main features of the Pebble Time are as follows:

– Compatible with Android and IOS
– Water resistant to 30 meters with always on, colour e-paper display with LED backlight with battery life up to 7 days
– 9.5mm thin chassis with curved, ergonomic profile, Marine Grade Stainless Steel bezel with PVD coating, matte and polished finishes and Tough, 2.5D glass display
– Tactile buttons for easy, eyes-free control and vibrating motor for discreet alerts and alarms (wake you, not your loved ones).
– Pebble Health–track your steps, sleep, and get personalized insights
– Always-on, color e-paper display with LED backlight
– Up to 7 days battery life
– Water resistant up to 30 meters

Pebble's new timeline interface is outstanding. Bringing your digital and real world life into perfect harmony. It gives you the past, present, and future all at your fingertips. Pebble Time turns moments you care about like: notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, breaking news, missed calls, app alerts into convenient pins that let you see what’s ahead or catch up on what’s already happened. It gives you the info you need when you want it!

You can control songs on your phone from your wrist, no more phone out of the pocket to skip past that song you've heard too many times or simply see what you're listening to (also can start/stop youtube videos/etc… if the app is open on your phone)

A built-in microphone gives you the ability to create voice replies to incoming texts and emails. At a glance, you can see whose ringing and choose to pick it up or ignore. One of our favourite and most used features is that you can now individuality personalise every response rather than being stuck with a set number of canned replies. Although custom messages are still an option to use to reply (yes/no/ok/etc..).

An awesome standout feature that deserves a mention is the smartwatch/smartphone link. Your watch will vibrate when you've forgotten your phone at home, down the pub..when the Bluetooth connection breaks, clever! You have no excuse to part with your phone anymore.pebble Time Review side profile


Pebble Time works with both Android and iPhone smartphones. Whichever your device preference you’re covered. With up to 8000+ apps on the Pebble Appstore, you’re spoilt for choice. Developers like Uber, Jawbone, Misfit, and ESPN, plus thousands of independent apps, hundreds of watch faces, swappable covers, and watch bands, tailoring Pebble Time to your every need. We Love the various App combos you can out in place. A standout app is Custom watch faces. the screen resolution doesn't allow for high-quality watch faces but that's not to say they look terrible, far from it. You can design your own or get ones from the pebble store. This makes for a quirky modern look whenever you feel like changing things up. Some apps you may use, most apps you won't. There's a wide array of apps to download and ones that come with the watch but some are more useful than others. The watch can only do so much compared to other more “powerful” smartwatches. But it really is what you make it! The world is your oyster.

An example of some of the apps include:

-Pebble Nav
-Music Boss

Check out more on our app review page


A big plus for the Pebble Time must be the weekly battery life. Not like where you are plugging in your Apple watch in each night beside your phone, missing out on the sleep apps etc… Pebble Time lets you utilise every moment with battery life up to 7 days, Whether you're into sleep tracking or trail trekking, it eliminates a lot of stress about having to find a charger each and every night.


Pebble Time incorporates fitness into its arsenal. With fitness and sleep tracking, activities like running, walking, biking, swimming etc…Track it all, 24/7. You can use the watch with tracking apps from Jawbone, Fitocracy, Runkeeper, and Misfit. All Pebble smartwatches work with Pandora, iHeartRadio, and more allowing you to control the tempo. A favourite of ours is Endomondo. You can connect to your Endomondo fitness app. Use for activities like gym work, cycling and running. It’s so convenient when cycling all you have to do is very quickly glance at the watch's information from Endomondo. The screens visibility is outstanding for this. There are various other Apps that tell you your step count and even more complicated things like your actual sleep pattern (Something we found really addictive). The accelerometer is for measuring your daily steps, health and fitness etc and although it isn't likely to be as good as a dedicated fitness band, it's accuracy isn’t too far adrift. The integration between Google Fit and Pebble Health is very useful and is something that is sure to be developed further in the future… The Recent firmware includes better Fitness and Health app which is a plus for basic fitness tracking.

Out of the Box

  • Pebble Time Black
  • Silicone Band
  • USB Charging Cable

Lowest Price

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What We Like

  • Functions are awesome
  • Watchfaces are lovely.
  •  An attractive timepiece working independently of your phone.

What Needs Improvement

– The glass is pretty much scratch free, but bezel does get scratched, although you can buy cover accessories.
– A limit to SMS replies due to only being able to set up a handful.
– The standard watch band: it isn't bad but we would suggest getting another as it wears down over time.
– It functions brilliantly outside in full light but inside and when it's dark you won't be able to read it until you shake your wrist for the backlight to come on, but it helps with battery life overall so you can't be too fussy about it.

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