Polar A370 | Get to know your device

Polar A370 | Get to know your device
06 Aug

The Polar A370 is a sleek and sporty fitness tracker that keeps you on the pulse by monitoring your heart rate from the wrist 24/7 It tracks your daily steps, distance and burned calories, and keeps you connected with smart notifications from your phone

Activate the display by pressing the button or by turning your wrist when you’re wearing the fitness tracker To change the watch face tap and hold the display in the time view Then swipe up or down, and tap the one you want to use Browse through the menu by swiping the touch screen up or down Choose items by tapping the icons, and return by pressing the button on the side

“My day” tells you the progress of your daily activity goal You can see what you have to do to reach your activity goal by tapping the activity data card “My day” also shows any training sessions you’ve done so far during the current day Above you’ll see your sleep information from the previous night if you wore your A370 at night Browsing down you see your highest and lowest heart rate of the day and lowest heart rate during sleep

Under “Training” you can find your sport profile selection by swiping up or down The heart icon turns to display your heart rate when it’s been found If you choose one of the outdoor sport profiles and want to use your mobile’s location during training, the GPS icon’s circle becomes static when the location has been found from your phone You can see the “Fitness Test” on the main menu, if you’ve paired a Polar Bluetooth heart rate sensor like H10 or OH1 with your A370 You can only perform the Fitness test when you’re wearing the Bluetooth heart rate sensor

In “Favorites” you can see the training targets you have saved as favorites in the Flow web service You can create training targets with, for example, a time, distance or calorie target In “My heart rate” you can quicky check your current heart rate Under “Settings” you can toggle the Continuous heart rate mode on or off The green color shows that Continuous heart rate mode is on

Next in the settings list you see “Flight mode”, which cuts off all wireless communication from your A370 If you turn the “Do not disturb mode”, you won’t receive any notifications from your phone You can use your A370 as a heart rate sensor with another Bluetooth device, like a cycling computer, sporting app like Polar Beat or another wrist-worn device First you need to tap the heart rate sensor mode on and pair the A370 with the receiving device just like another Bluetooth accessory Here You can turn the A370 off

You can reset the A370 Bluetooth connections if you have problems with syncing or you want to connect the device with another bluetooth device Lastly in the settings menu, you can find device-specific information, like your device ID and firmware version You can turn off the display with your hand, it’s easy; lightly pressing cover the device with your hand

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