Polar A370 | Training

Polar A370 | Training
06 Aug

Polar A370 with wrist-based heart rate makes heart rate based training easier than ever It reads your heart rate optically through the skin on your wrist

Wear the wristband snugly on top of your wrist, behind the wrist bone The sensor must be touching your skin, so tighten the band so that the device will not move when you exercise The Polar A370 fitness tracker uses your phone’s GPS to track the route, speed and distance during your outdoor workouts, if you want to Swipe the display up and tap “Training” Find the sport profile you want to use, and wait until your heart rate and GPS location are found

The GPS tracking works when you carry the phone with you during training You’ll need to have the Polar Flow mobile app installed in your phone and you’ll need to give the app permission to use your phone’s location when you use outdoor sport profiles When you start your outdoor training session, the GPS icon with a static circle will show you when the location is fixed and you can start tracking your training session Start your training session by tapping your chosen sport profile icon The Polar A370 has seven default sport profiles

You can add new sport profiles and sync them to your A370 in the Polar Flow app or web service before training To stop your session, press and hold the button until the green counter counts all the way down When you’ve finished training, you can slightly loosen the wrist band as long as the sensor on the back is still touching your skin and stays in place when you move Even when you’re not training, the Polar A370 tracks your activity and sleep and gives you feedback to help you reach your daily activity goals You can easily sync your training data to the Polar Flow mobile app by pressing and holding button in the time view In the app you will see all your past training sessions with more detail and get feedback on your training

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