Samsung To Ditch Tizen On Its Smartwatch For Wear OS?

Samsung To Ditch Tizen On Its Smartwatch For Wear OS?
24 Jul

Samsung hasn't made an Android Wear-powered smartwatch since 2014 when it released the Gear Live All other wearable devices that it has released since then have been powered by its Tizen operating system

Now, Ice Universe claims that Samsung is developing a smartwatch that's going to be powered by Wear OS and not Tizen It's not clear, though, if Samsung will keep this product separate from its Tizen-powered lineup or if it's going to make a permanent switch to Wear OS Samsung has pushed Tizen on everything from its wearable devices through TVs to refrigerators in a bid to create a connected ecosystem that works on any electronic product and appliance that has the Samsung logo on top Switching to Android Wear would be great as far as compatibility with Android on smartphones and developer support is concerned, but I highly doubt Samsung abandon Tizen altogether There are many reasons for that, number one is Bixby

Samsung would have to let go of Bixby since Google doesn't allow heavy customization to Wear OS by OEMs It would also make existing apps that you own incompatible with the new watch, Also Samsung has made considerable investments in Tizen over the past few years so it doesn't make sense at this point in time for the company to immediately ditch it as the operating system for its smartwatches So it's likely that Samsung might launch two smartwatches later this year One may be powered by Tizen while the other run on Wear OS Also, a new trademark suggests Samsung might be thinking about retiring the Gear brand for its wearable devices and in favor of bringing these devices to the Galaxy

So yeah, the new watch might be called Samsung Galaxy Watch The company has long used the Galaxy branding for its smartphones and tablets so it would make sense to unify the brand and bring wearable devices under its umbrella as well So having said that, let me know your thoughts on Samsung making Watch OS smartwatches and wearables again, or do you think it should stick to Tizen? or Perhaps the company should be using both OS' on different products? let me know in the comments and I'll see you all tomorrowPeace out!

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