Soliom’s solar-powered smart doorbell is a breeze to install

Soliom’s solar-powered smart doorbell is a breeze to install
25 Jul

Turning your home into a smart home shouldn’t make you feel dumb. At least, that is what the team behind Soliom believes. The wireless doorbell maker hopes to differentiate itself from oodles of other connected devices on the market by being particularly user-friendly, with the promise of a one-step installation process. Because technology shouldn’t stand between you and a more tech-savvy home.

Designed to be fully self-sustaining, the Soliom Doorbell comes complete with a solar panel that provides all of its power needs. The panel collects energy from the sun, and uses this power to charge its 5000 mAh lithium battery. Once you’ve installed the Soliom (with its simple attachment process), you can effectively set it and forget it. You shouldn’t have to worry about swapping out the batteries or ensuring that the power doesn’t go out in your home — rather, Soliom will maintain its smart capabilities and continue to broadcast images and audio of your front door to your smartphone.

And thanks to the smart doorbell’s IP65 weatherproof rating, the device should work just as well in the rain as it does in the sun.

As for the security features of the Soliom, the doorbell comes with built-in 1080HD video, two-way audio, and a 165-degree wide-angle lens, which gives users instant visitor alerts via smartphone notifications. You can see, hear, and chat with anyone at your doorstep from anywhere in your home or beyond, either by way of the mobile app or desktop version. So if you need to tell a friend that you’re running late or let the delivery man know where best to leave your package, you can do so via Soliom.

The smart doorbell also comes with motion sensors, which means it will keep an eye on all activity at your threshold. You can elect to receive live alerts anytime the smart device detects someone in the vicinity, and with the wide-angle lens, see who may be on the other side of the door. You can even take a snapshot of activity via the app and submit the footage to law enforcement officials should the need arise.

Soliom has yet to hit the market yet, but it seems that it will be launching via a crowdfunding campaign soon. You can sign up on the company website for alerts as to when the smart doorbell might be available.

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