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10 Aug

Just For Show? – Learn Which Fitness Tracker Is Best For You

You want to get more serious about monitoring your health You've heard about heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, but what's right for you? Stay tuned and I will answer that question and more! So, let's get started! Thank you for joining me today I'm Tiffany from Perfect Curl and […]

09 Aug

Why the Asian Smart Watch is Just a Waste of Cash

[Matt] Let's start it- (loud piano and Matt in pain) K (beeps and taps) Ok That's better Pairing (beep) Yes Uh ok And, yes (bell ringing) The f*ck was that? That's pretty good Hump (hiss of laughter) Dead Just Dead And, ooh Reward? Do we get a reward for that? […]

24 Jul

Watch Now !! Xiaomi Launches A New Smartwatch Oh Wait! It’s Just A Traditional Quartz Watch

Xiaomi Launches A New Smartwa… Oh Wait! It’s Just A Traditional Quartz Watch This time, Xiaomi has announced a simple I8 quartz watch which is focused on style and elegance, and it does not boast any smart features Xiaomi’s I8 quartz watch has a minimalist design and a 6 2-mm […]