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11 Aug

Top 5 Best Smart Ring which are Very Useful Tiny Wearable Futuristic Gadgets

There are times when carrying a wallet or purse is impractical Uncomfortable, or just a little bit risky so we made curved the world's first contactless payment ring Now you can leave all this at home and still pay for stuff with a single gesture no pin or paired smartphone […]

10 Aug

Just For Show? – Learn Which Fitness Tracker Is Best For You

You want to get more serious about monitoring your health You've heard about heart rate monitors and fitness trackers, but what's right for you? Stay tuned and I will answer that question and more! So, let's get started! Thank you for joining me today I'm Tiffany from Perfect Curl and […]

09 Aug

The Future is Here:Wearable Technology which will read to you

Welcome to all of you who have joined Quantum's webinar today on the future is here, wearable technology that will read for you So we are excited to be able to show some of our technology today, the OrCam MyEye As Peter just said he will be talking about that […]

09 Aug

Beste fitness trackers en wearables – CES 2015 (Which?)

First time: the Withings Activité Pop It looks like a normal watch, but actually it is also a fitness tracker The little hand shows you how close you are to the daily goal Or at night to your sleep goal If you search for that one then there is no […]

08 Aug

My Smart home 我的智能家居 ep01 | 我用什麼系列 Which system I use | Apple HomeKit hub |

Today I want to talk about my smart home I choose Apple HomeKit to be my smart home system Apple released HomeKit at 2014 Start before than other opponents almost 2 years How to use? Unlock door Hey Siri Help me lock the door Siri : I can't use HomeKit […]