The Best Budget Fitness Tracker? – Q-Band Review

The Best Budget Fitness Tracker? – Q-Band Review
06 Aug

What is up guys, welcome to ClearHD, My Name is Ome, and today we are going to review Q-Band, The Best Budget Fitness Tracker this Fitness tracker is best because, It has features that only the high end Fitness trackers has

It has an optical Hear Rate sensor, that can be left turned on 24/7, and it all syncs to the android and ios app This app is great because you can change how the app looks and feels and also view how many calories you have burned, how many steps you took, your average heartbeat, the length you have traveled, and your average sleep time Q-Band comes with just the black band, but you can Purchase additional bands, the bands I have here are from the classy selection Bands can easily be swapped, depending on the look you are trying to achieve I would recommend you guys to try it out, and tell me if you guys like it or not

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