Ticwatch Pro high end with its first dual-screen Wear smartwatch – Techno Polish

Ticwatch Pro high end with its first dual-screen Wear smartwatch – Techno Polish
24 Jul

Between the sporty Ticwatch S and the extra affordable Ticwatch E, Mobvoi has moved to corner the affordable Wear OS smartwatch market With the new Ticwatch Pro, it's trying something a little different

The big difference with Mobvoi's latest smartwatch this time is something it's calling Essential Mode, which uses dual screens in an effort to further battery life Battery life is a hindrance of Wear OS, and not something that will probably be significantly improved until Qualcomm's new smartwatch chips roll out But Mobvoi's idea is a new one Does the dual-screen idea actually improve battery life, and can Mobvoi continue its run of good-looking, affordable Wear OS smartwatches? Mobvoi has done a good job putting together its health and fitness suite All of it is available to see in the Mobvoi app in the Health Center, which will give you some deja vu if you've opened up the iPhone version of the Apple Watch's Activity app

Regardless, the companion app here is well designed and easy to navigate It's quick to get into some of the metrics you can look at, though there's nothing big and detailed here – this is a world away from Garmin Connect The Ticwatch Pro has a heart rate sensor and GPS, which makes it a good partner for going on an outdoor run You'll be able to choose from outdoor run, outdoor walk, indoor run, cycling and free style, which is armed with a weight icon No swimming here, sadly

It's not built for the pool You're definitely going to get your calories, steps, exercise minutes, active hours, distance and heart rate Accuracy is another story Again, despite the name the Pro isn't here to replace your Garmin That said, in testing GPS performance was solid, mapping things out about as well as an Apple Watch Series 3

It did tend to take a little longer than the Apple Watch to get a lock, but not enough to be a huge irritant As for that heart rate sensor, it did well enough for most folks The max heart rate it got for me wasn't too far off from the Wahoo chest strap I tested it against and neither was the average heart rate Where it fell off was that it had a hard time catching up as I alternated from a light jog to a faster run to a sprint and then back down to a fast run, back up to a sprint and then down to a jog To no surprise, this thing isn't going to be good for HIIT training

Where the Wahoo gave me typically smooth graphs, the Ticwatch was more erratic So yeah, if you're looking for something for more intense workouts, the Pro isn't for you The Ticwatch Pro wants to be what you wear when you're at a fancy restaurant, out for ice cream with the kids and when you're ready to go for a run In that way, it wants to be a practicer of everything but a master of none This is best exemplified by its band, which sports a silicone underside and a leather top

This extends throughout the rest of the watch too It does a lot of things well, but it doesn't do a lot of them great

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