Xiaomi mi band 2 español el mejor smartwatch Mexico

Xiaomi mi band 2   español el mejor smartwatch Mexico
24 Jul

How about friends finally the xiomi my band 2 is here in the Gadgetologist do not miss the review and the defroster that is already coming Hello, how about friends, thank you very much for being here in a new video of the Gadgetologist as seen in the beginning of the video we are going to present you the xiaomi mi band 2 that we acquired by middle of the Gearbest page here below in the description we'll let you all the links you need to buy yours we give you some tips be very patient because when you buy these pages as they are Chinese, they take 20 to 30 days to arrive your packages are very cheap but they are also very delayed now yes we go with the unpacking as you can see is a very well presented box the truth is very beautiful with the photography of the xiaomi mi band 2 and it is what you will find on the outside inside you will find three main components one is this pill that comes out in color black and is the brain of the whole device 2 you can find also the extendable strap that is a black color and has finished mate very beautiful the truth is very pleasant to the touch and it is also very comfortable you can also find user manuals where you can download the application with a qr code to manage your xiaomi mi band and at the end we have the charger on the left side has the entry for the pill from the xiaomi and from the right side a usb output that you can connect to a wall plug to your computer takes 2 hours to be ready and now if you can use it for whatever you like and now we go with the specifications it measures 5 centimeters high by 1 of width by 1 deep and weighs only 136 grams you can measure the number and the distance of steps that runs this day and also with this little button capacitive you can enter the worlds to see the pulse and also the calories that you've burned all of that inside this little piece If you are one of those who only want to arrive and try the product, it is very simple to put together simply take the plastic strap and take the pill through the back of the strap enter the pill you have pressure on she and ready is now ready so you can also start counting the steps to start counting your heart rate and this is super good for all those people who like to do sports that run that walk they go to cross fit is super good I recommend it widely after trying two weeks the bracelet did not need any battery recharge came still even two or three days more and in case you are recharging the battery do not worry it's very easy just pull the two ends of the bracelet inward after that the pill will come out easily for me the most amazing thing was discovering that it is water resistant can you be bathing can you go to the pool or even be washing your car without anything happening to you and the last thing that would be missing would be that you download in your cellphone the xiaomi application that is specific to this xiaomi my band already you just have to join it is very easy to create an account with this data you put how much you measure is how much you weigh even if you want a goal to get in steps a day you can do it is super simple Well, what do you think about the video? I think it's a very short video but I think it can help you decide if you buy it or not if you want any other information leave me here in the comments, if you want to tell you how to buy in Gearbest maybe he knows the new xiaomi my band 3 already came out we already asked it we're just waiting for come if you have any other question with pleasure and do not forget to follow us also on social networks we are like Gadgetologo_oficial and we share everything that is coming to us good thank you very much

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